MISSION PUBLIC SCHOOL         Affiliation No. - 2131695

(A Secondary School , Affiliated to CBSE ,Delhi)

                                                                   To be upgraded to 10 + 2 

             Dear Students/Guardians 

             Welcome yourselves in MISSION PUBLIC SCHOOL for better academic and physical development.

             Mission Public School welcomes you.We are grateful to the people and intellectuals of

             Nawabganj,Who helped us to feel proud in saying that Mission Public school is the only

             fast growing and a complete CBSE English medium school on the horizon of Nawabganj.

             Mission Public School is a fully English medium school affiliated to CBSE,Delhi.It was

             established in 2011 and get affiliated in 2012 with CBSE.The Mission or aim of establishment

             of school is to disseminate education among the people.Since the institution is named as


             The educational aim of the school is all round development of the child.Care is taken to help

             each one grow spiritually and aesthetically,physically and academically in the homely atmosphere.

             No effort is spared to inoculate values and habits of honesty,integrity and loyalty of politeness,

             respect and neatness,regularity,responsibility and diligence.Pupils are expected to their best to

             attain that harmonious development which will make them worthy citizen of a great nation.To

             achieve these aim,determined steps have been taken to vitalize,strengthen and improve the

             educational methods.The teachers,here are competent and devoted to their duty.They help the

      students to flourish and to develop their personality.









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