Our motto, Hold Fast That Which Is Good, embodies the importance placed on traditional values at Mission Public School. We value a spiritual and moral view of life that prizes the highest standards of personal character of service and concern for others. At the same time, we proudly see ourselves at the forefront of contemporary education, developing the intellectual talents of our students and equipping them with the skills to contend with life’s challenges.

As global citizens, students are encouraged to develop an attitude of service that will enable them to make a meaningful contribution to the world. 

We value our reputation as a learning community and constantly strive for continuous improvement. We pride ourselves on an unsurpassed record of pastoral care, outstanding academic achievement and cultural enrichment of our students. Our education develops independent learners who view the learning process as a life long experience.

We readily embrace worthwhile change and are exhilarated by the learning demands that abound in today's knowledgeable society.

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