School Rules for Students & Guardians

General  Rules

1.       Attendance in the morning assembly is compulsory.Disciplinary action is taken against defaulters.

2.       Students should treat school staff with respect at all the times and be courteous.

3.       Students will refrain from damaging any form of school property.The school reserves the right to be compensated by the student for any such damages.

4.       Each pupil must be punctual and regular in attendance.A student will be eligible to sit for the examination only if he/she has 75%  attendance to his/her credit.

5.       On all working days and School functions,all students must turn up smartly dressed up in the prescribed uniform.

6.       Irregularity in attendance,neglect of home work,habitual indiscipline,Disrespectful behavior towards teachers,bad moral influence,use of unfair means during examination,willful damage to School property etc. will be sufficient reasons for the student’s expulsion from the School

7.       Gold ornaments,Jewellery and costly articles are not to be brought to School under any circumstances.School is not responsible for missing.

8.       A Student who remains absent for more than 3 days without prior intimation may have his/her name struck off the School rolls.

9.       Students will refrain from littering and keep the School premises clean.

10.   The medium of instruction is English at Mission Public School and students are expected to communicate in English at all times.

11.   It is compulsory to bring the School issued ID card to School every day.Not bringing the ID card could result in the child not being allowed into the School Premises.

12.   For safety and security,parents should refrain from sending money with their child without specific written notice from the School.

13.   Expensive gifts,sweets,cakes or any other gifts to staff and students are not allowed for birthday /celebration for individual person.If interested,Parents may contribute books to the School Library.

14.   Parents/Guardians can meet Principal during mentioned visting hours.

15.   Taking the tuitions from the School teachers is not allowed.This is liable for penalty.

Rules for Promotion in the next higher Class:

1.        A student should secure a minimum of 40% marks overall and not less than 35 % in each subject for promotion to the next higher class.

2.        Absence in any exam. ,in one or all subjects,without genuine cause and prior information may be detained in the same class.

3.        Regarding promotion the decision of the principal is binding on students,parents and guardians.

4.        A Student failing twice in the same class will not be allowed to continue in the School.

5.        For Promotion a student must put a minimum of 75 % of attendance.

6.        One who fails to appear for the session ending Tests/Examination for any reason shall not ordinarily be promoted to the next higher class even if he/she secured sufficient marks in other tests/Examination.

7.        Re-tests/Re-Examinations will not be conducted for absentees.

8.        The Progress report will be given to parents for perusal and signature.The same should be returned within 3 days of its receipt,except in march when it may be retained by the parents.

9.        If and when the progress report is lost by the student,a levy of Rs. 200 will be charged for issuing new report card.A letter from the parent/guardian should accompany such a request.

10.     No separate written warning need to be issued,for detaining a student,on the basis of the result over the year.

11.     Promotion in the second higher class will not entertained under any circumstances.

12.   Co-operation of the parents will help their wards in maintaining regularity in home assignments,self sudy and regular appearance in the tests.Regular attendance and self study  will better the performance of the child without needing private tuitions.Parents are requested to supervise the studies of their wards regularly,No relaxation will be granted if any of the above mentioned instructions are not followed strictly.

Change in the name/Date of Birth

Our School does not entertain such requests.Therfore,at the time of admission parents are requested to give the correct name and date of birth of the pupil.Thereafter requests for change in these two documents will not be entertained or accepted.

Visiting hours :

1.        Parents can meet the teachers only on PTM(Parents -teacher meeting) days.In case of urgency parents can contact on reception or to meet with the Principal.

2.        Parents who wish to meet the Principal may do so between 10.00 am to 11.00 am every day in summer and 11.00 am to 12.00 pm in winter.

Withdrawal :

1.        Withdrawal from any class must be informed to the office by a month’s notice.When the next session starts,no T.C will be issued(Principal’s decision is final over the Parents/students seeing the circumstances)

2.        All dues must be cleared before T.C is issued

3.        Transfer certificate will be issued by an application of the parents only.

4.        A particular fees  will be charged for transfer certificate.

Leave Rules

1.       In case of absence a written application for leave should be submitted to the Principal before attendance is resumed.

2.       If absence is through illness,a certificate of fitness from the doctor must be produced on returning to School.

3.       Leave letter/application must be addressed to the Principal.

4.       Under no circumstances should a parent send a child to School after an infectious illness before he/she is completely free frominfection.This must be supported by a medical certificate.

5.       Attendance till the last day of a term is compulsory.Request for permission to leave before that date or extend the holiday after the commencement of a new term will be entertained only in case of emergency.Pupils absent on the last day of a new term are liable to be struck of the rolls.

6.       No Re-test will be conducted for children who have not been able to appear for a test/Examination due to illness.

7.       Parents are requested not to take their children away from School during working hours.Sending applications for attending social functions will not be entertained.

Fee Rules:-

1.        Fee will be deposited in four installments.

2.        Each installment must be deposited without any late fees in the first and second month of each installment.

3.        From third month Rs. 10 perday will be charged as late fees till the last date of current month.

4.        In case of non-deposition of fees in the three months of a installment, your ward’s name would be struck off from the class –roll.

5.        Deposited fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

6.        No fee concession on three students of same parents.

7.        Rs. 25 will be charged for re-issuing the fee booklet.

Transport Rules:-

1.        Guardians/Students should inform in the month of March for withdrawal or joining for the next session.

2.        Withdrawal or joining takes place once in the current session in the last week of March.

3.        If anybody withdraw from the transport in the middle of the session,they have to deposit one extra installment or in case of joining in the middle,they have to pay one previous installment.

4.        There would be one suitable stop in a village preferably outside.

5.        Students should reach before the time at the stop.

6.        Misbehave,quarrel,abusing,not obeying the instruction will immediate suspend from the transport.

Uniform Rule:-

1.        Neat and perfect uniform is compulsory on all working days

2.        Proper uniform is to be worn as per the day order.

3.        Boys should trim their hair periodically and girls should tie their hairs neatly with white band.

4.        Nails should be periodically cleaned and trimmed. 

5.        Do provide a set of labeled spare dress for Pre nursery & KG children,which shall be retained in the school itself.

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